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Indie books…helping writers craft special little books, with small print runs

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Words are luminous.


Combine the writer and the editor – craft the book.


A good writer is an avid reader.


The purpose of CPP is to encourage small book publishing as an outcome, a pleasure and a craft:

  • shaping the content
  • working out the best format
  • reaching readers

“Publishing a book is like stuffing a note into a bottle and hurling it into the sea. Some bottles drown, some come safe to land, where the notes are read and then possibly cherished, or else misinterpreted, or else understood all too well by those who hate the message. You never know who your readers might be.” 

― Margaret Atwood

Our list includes:

  • up to 20pp poetry chapbooks
  • short poetry collections
  • collaborative small books

Five Voices poetry collection was launched on 29 November 2020 …all copies now sold out.

About Us

CP Publishing is an indie publisher – we support poets to develop chap books for readings, or collaborative small print run books to find an audience or readership.

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Five Voices

the poetry of Henry, Vanderwerp, Le Rossignol, Cannon and Reeve

From 10 years of sharing poems…branching out and displaying five disparate types of leaves….

SOLD OUT! Available only through direct contact with authors.